Bulk SMS Bundles Proves to be an Effective Way of Marketing

The sheer amount of possibilities can be pretty overwhelming when you start thinking of ways on how you should approach modern mobile markets. Have you considered making use of bulk SMS bundles as a cost effective way to reach your target market? Let’s look at top 10 benefits of making use of SMS marketing and why it is such a successful way to market your offer.

Direct to the Point Messaging

Getting your information across is much more discrete and direct compared to talking over the phone. A lot of time is being wasted when communicating via telephone and time is money. Bulk SMS advertising on the other hand is instant and cost effective.

No Need for Receiver of SMS to be Active

Even if the receiver of your message has their phone turned off, they will get the SMS once they switch their mobile phones back on again. This means that there is no need to wait on specific times before sending the message through.

Ease of Opting In or Out

Unlike email marketing where the person subscribing would need to provide personal information, bulk SMS service only require a mobile phone number for opting in to a particular offer. Therefore, opting out of an offer is effective immediately.

Minimal Chances of Spam

Bigger corporations love making use of bulk SMS advertising as there is very little chance of their messages landing up in the junk folder as is the case with email messages.

SMS Messages Results in Action

Regardless of whether you intend promoting or offering a prize, you can be sure that recipients of your SMS will take action a lot quicker than any other marketing method used.

Information Send Instantaneously

Business owners can send important information using bulk SMS bundles at will knowing that prospects will receive it instantaneously.

Great Way to Create a Buzz

Using only 160 characters, your marketing department will love the challenge of creating a buzz using power words and a short but effective call to action.

Unlimited Marketing Reach

Everyone has a mobile phone these days. Your chances of reaching more prospects are huge. All the more reason why you should tap into bulk SMS marketing.

Cheaper Mode of Advertising

In most cases, specialised mobile marketing agencies in SA offer premium rates for bulk SMS bundles. It truly is a cost effective mode of advertising your products or services.

Superb Integration with Other Online Marketing Strategies

Best of all, using bulk SMS advertising can effectively be integrated with other online marketing strategies by using the right mobile marketing agency.

There is no better time than right now to get on board modern mobile communication methods such as bulk SMS bundles.

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