Debt Therapy Did my Debt Review

A Debt Review by Debt Therapy

Most of us worked ourselves to the bone to be able to have a wonderful Christmas. But some of us (myself included) spent way too much money. As a result of increasing cost of living, price of petrol and cost of food and entertaining, I decided to take a small loan this month to be able to survive the month of January.

Disappointed with the Banks

Well they turned it down point blank. Their reason was that I wouldn’t be able to pay it back over the set months. It was a slap in the face. I could see on paper that I would be able to pay it back no worries! So I decided instead to speak to a debt counselling company, Debt Therapy, thinking that they might have a solution for me.

Light at End of the Tunnel

I was pleasantly surprised by their efficiency. They did a debt consolidation plan that allowed me to pay one bill at reduced rates! No paying out of lots of small accounts that added up to the sum total of my salary. There was a small admin fee involved which I thought was very reasonable to set everything up. They contacted all my creditors and negotiated a better repayment plan so that I paid less per month. I was paying 6000 rand plus a month and knocked that down to a comfortable 3500 per month, freeing up 2500 rand for me to be able to live more comfortably.

A Call to Action

Do you have the same problem? Why not decide for yourself if you need a debt consolidation plan in place? It helped me solve my issues without having to see a consultant. Everything was handled professionally over the telephone. Within three days the whole process was in place.

I am happy to say that my debt problems are definitely a thing of the past so long as I don’t spend over my budget. Now I can concentrate on what’s important with less stress over worries about money.

Contact Debt Therapy for a debt review. It really works! Their telephone number is

Debt Therapy Toll Free – 0800 20 47 28

Life is good if you want it to be.

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