Mobile Marketing in South Africa Grows in 2014

Mobile Marketing in South Africa Grows in 2014

South African mobile users spend on average 8 hours every week on the internet. That’s a lot of web browsing. Most of that time is spent on social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Mobile marketing is taking off along with this exponential growth trend.

Out of 53 million South African citizens a whopping 65% of our country’s mobile users are able and have accessed the internet. This means that there is the potential to market our services to approximately 35 million people, all through mobile devices. That is a LOT of potential business.

The demand for those countywide WiFi will expand considerably, figures show that 26% of mobile users are expected to use them in 2014, compared with 14% last year. That is almost double! What is this saying to us? Its saying that the mobile scene is exploding right in front of us and its happening really fast.

Is it time to start using mobile marketing as one of your primary marketing tools? Absolutely! If you are employing mobile marketing, you are at a disadvantage because Im going to take a shot in the dark and say that your competitors are looking at it as a huge part of their marketing strategy.

Strategies to consider would be promotional services, specials, invitations, events, product details and updates, directions and general support services, frequently asked questions and advice. The options are endless with some innovative thinking. Identifying with your target market is step one.

So where does one start with such a mobile marketing strategy? Who do we speak to? Have a look at what Channel Mobile do best. Offer affordable and state of the art mobile marketing solutions. How does it work? They are specialists in providing mobile marketing solutions. They will help you strategize your campaign and implement a solution that is easy to manage and run independently. Their after-sales support is wonderful and efficient.

The greatest part about working alongside Channel Mobile is their expertise. Their strategies are proven and their ability to measure return on investment is precise. We now use their sms marketing campaigns for our clients knowing fully well that customer satisfaction is a guarantee.

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