Online Furniture Sales set to go Through The Roof

Looking at the latest statistics and trends, it is apparent that the South African consumer market is growing exponentially with the middle income groups and business to business market embracing e-commerce as their preferred means of finding value driven products, particularly with office and home furniture.

People are starting to use the internet to find ideas for their homes and business by searching social networks. Pinterest is a perfect example of such a place with millions of interior design photos to browse. We foresee a definite shift in consumer behaviour with the advent of mobile e-commerce becoming one of the most popular methods of purchase by comparison with desktop purchases.

We are happy to announce that My Group, one of South Africa’s leading furniture wholesalers, will be offering an online e-commerce shopping experience where you will be able to purchase quality office and home furniture at the click of a button. Their goal is to drive people to their website through social and conventional marketing. Their products are value driven with incentives to buy online instead of from their brick and mortar shop. We will be working closely with My Group in the next month to strategize and build a solid online presence in the burgeoning e-commerce furniture market.

Watch this space for updates and promotions following up to the launch of their new e-commerce shopping experience.

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