Open-pit Mining Aerial Surveys vs Land Surveys

In terms of whether open-pit mining aerial surveys are considered to be a better option than land surveys, the following facts revealed some thought provoking material worthy of your consideration. According to resources, photographs captured from a low-altitude aircraft is the most effective for survey requirements.

Certain concerns over aerial surveys raised by various mining companies are effectively addressed by surveying firms like Tacmin Madini. Lets take an in-depth look at some of these, and how the Tacmin Madini group is able to provide a solution.

Questions and Answers

Is your mining area too large to be covered by land surveys?

  • In this regard, Tacmin Madini would schedule regular aerial patrols to allow for a timely and productive inspection of pipelines and power line networks, mobile and fixed assets. The helicopter they use has the ability to literally cover countless kilometers of land within a very short time.

Can your mining surveys keep up with the rate of progress?

  • Your assets are inspected in a much quicker and more cost effective manner than what can be achieved by resorting to walk-through inspections or making use of traditional vehicles for mining surveys.

Do you have the survey capacity to capture progress on a weekly basis?

  • Tacmin Madini ensures your performance progress objectives and asset management needs are met through recurring aerial patrol where mapping, imaging, cartography, analysis, and an airborne survey form part of their contractual agreement with mining firms.

Can your surveys highlight a potential environmental risk?

  • While capturing specific details on flying over an area being inspected, any potential environmental risks noticed would be relayed to head office who in turn will notify the relevant authorities by email.

Could you apply your survey maps to optimize your mine designs and cost?

  • Survey maps and photographic prints provided serve to highlight alternative routes for effective dumping as well as tramming of ore. This will further enhance investment decisions and planning by mining companies.

Do you equip over adequate survey data to finalise, implement and manage rehabilitation plans?

  • Sufficient data is efficiently shared via Sharefile, which is Tacmin Madini’s world-class secure data exchange portal to ensure any future plans can successfully be implemented and managed.

Do you get aerial photos with your surveys and maps?

  • In this regard Tacmin Madini delivers the required images as they make use of a high resolution digital camera that is equipped with a high magnification lens to enable them to capture details from as high as 300 feet if not higher.

Can you overlay aerial photos onto your digital surface maps for better interpretation?

  • Any level of customisation can be achieved due to the high quality visual imaging and photographic detail achieved by Tacmin Madini.

There is no question about it that aerial surveys are by far the better option to ensure any project tackled by mining companies get completed quickly, accurately and efficiently.

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