The Preferred Heavy Load Trucking Company in SA

What are the Advantages of Making use of Imvusa Transport as the Preferred Heavy Load Trucking Company in SA?

When in need of heavy load transport in SA, you would want to deal with a trucking company that is fully dedicated to heavy haul and any other abnormal load movements. Nowadays, more and more business owners are searching online for heavy transport solutions where they can submit any of their transport requirements with ease. Imvusa transport aims to become the central point where transporters and shippers all around South Africa can get advice and timely quotes on any of their transport needs.

Whether you intend hauling 8 tons or 550 tons, Imvusa Transport has what it takes to transport heavy to abnormal loads anywhere in South Africa. What are the advantages of using Imvusa Transport as opposed to any other heavy load transport in SA?

Advantages of Using Imvusa Transport in SA

Imvusa Transport has taken up the challenge in providing a complete service offering that will ensure your loads safely reaches its destination well on time and in compliance with local legislation.

As one of the preferred trucking companies in South Africa, Imvusa Transport offers the following advantages:

  • Their fleet of heavy load vehicles are very well maintained.
  • Meet all clients requirements by always being on time and within budget.
  • Staff safety and cargo of clients always receive top priority.
  • Stand out head above shoulders in terms of personalised heavy load transport in South Africa.
  • Fully committed to fast turnaround times, and always looking for ways to not only meet, but exceed customers expectations.
  • Being in the business of heavy transport services for 37 years, Imvusa Transport specialise in heavy haulage, full and part loads and any other heavy load transport needs.
  • Communications standard is worldclass for a South African transport company who made name for themselves in Durban, Gauteng, Cape Town, and the rest of South Africa.
  • Customers receive regular updates regarding the status of their cargo.
  • Do not hold back from coming up with new and improved ways to ensure their customers heavy transport needs are met head on.
  • Frontline staff is ready 24/7 to provide assistance that relates to pre-despatch, carrying out inspection to ensure every detail is taken care of, paperwork is in order in cases where neighbouring countries are visited, and any other formalities.
  • Daily reports are made available to track the various consignments right up to when it reaches its destination.
  • All equipment used to ensure heavy lift transport goes according to plan is continually developed to enable staff of Imvusa Transport to carry out their duties with precision.
  • Vast range of heavy load trucks to accommodate any load at any time.
  • Proudly move large pieces of equipment or cargo without any injuries or delays.
  • Flexibility is key to the success of Imvusa Transport as any special requirements are taken care of in accordance with the client’s needs.
  • All drivers used are carefully selected and trained to render superior customer services.

Imvusa Transport is proudly South African and operates across borders and all around South Africa.

As approximately 70% of all freight in SA is transported by heavy lift vehicles, it makes good sense to opt for state of the art heavy load transport companies such as Imvusa Transport. Besides, you want to ensure your cargo is properly taken care of, and arrives on time and at the right location.

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