Small Business Marketing Tips

Marketing Tips for Small Business

This article attempts to nail down the central marketing strategies that work well for a service orientated company. After listening to a very interesting interview I decided that this is valuable information for any company out there who want to leverage more business from existing clients as well as potential clients interested in your services.

Your prime marketing tool

Marketing your small business in todays times is quite a scientific process. It involves putting new systems in place with specific goals in mind. Every single person you service is a potential marketing tool. Most of your customers have a Facebook profile and have internet access.

Lets look at the cycle of a job done. The customer calls, asks for a service or product, identifies the problem, the job is completed, client is billed, and we move on right? So what part of the cycle can we take advantage of in terms of marketing your business through them.

The simple email address

When they call, collect their information as soon as possible. Ask them if you may send them a confirmation via email. At this point you collect their email and are then able to add that to a mailing list. This is a very cost and time effective way to send them information from time to time. You can then send them a quarterly update and reminder not to forget about who you are.

Paying clients also like to boast about a great job done. Word of mouth is the ultimate marketing tool. Make sure you leave your company information readily available to them in their homes, so when they tell a friend as example about how great the service was, they can hand their friend a business card or pamphlet. Ask them to recommend your services to their friends as well. Asking them increases the chance that they will do so.

Ask for After Service Reviews

After service calls are so very important. They might have a gripe but won’t contact you unless you call them and find out how great your service was. At this point you can ask them to do a simple review online. Reviews are worth acquiring because its an endorsement and a recommendation.

Send out Reminders

Keep your clients informed regarding your services. Let them know exactly how you work, your level of service, and any new updates that affect your services positively. Products such as power saving mechanisms and geysers that save them money are good examples of products that work well.

Send them Gift Cards

Send your clients direct mail. One could be a Christmas card and another could be a Valentines card. The idea is to keep them reminded about your services and to make them feel important. How many businesses you have done business with send you cards? The response is very high and worthwhile!

Old School Marketing

List your business on traditional advertising platforms. Yellow Pages as example are exactly the right place for your related services. A lot of companies who used to you use Yellow Pages have opted for other marketing places, which means there is less competition. Keep an eye on cost, but if you can do it, put in an eye-catching advert that is easy to see. You need to be able to put metrics in place and be able to work out your ROI. Monitor on a monthly basis and make sure you ask your clients where they found you to tie in marketing costs.

Brand your name

Your branding should be on everything. Your clothing and your vehicles are prime advertising places. Choosing colours are also important. Having bright yellow and oranges as example on caps and shirts with blue overall pants makes your branding loud and it sticks with clients who see your team in action.

Keep up with the times

Digital marketing should be done properly. Make sure you have a facebook business page and spend some time on it at least twice a week. Post personal updates and boast about latest jobs done. Create personality and engage with everyone.

Make sure your website is mobile friendly. A lot of people who are locally situated search online for similar services. Google local business is currently generating a lot of business through local search from mobile devices.

Speak to the professionals

If you would like more information contact Online Marketing Guys today with your ideas and goals in mind. Allow them the opportunity to optimize your marketing strategy that works on and offline. They are serious about business and believe in what they do.

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